Hello, and thank you for wanting to learn more!

I’m a 25 year old who enjoys cooking, organizing, dogs, crafts, and home renovations. My ambition and curiosity have taken me to a career that I love as an event planner, and I’d like to share some of my experiences with you while planning professional and personal events; crafting & re-arranging my home; and cooking adventures with my boyfriend Phillip. It gets a little messy, but that’s where the fun happens!

As my posts will show, I feel most proud and happy with myself when I’m doing something I enjoy (we all should!) Since there are MANY aspects of our society that are less-than-enjoyable, I’ve set my pesonal goal to discover methods of doing chores, errands, etc. that help me to look forward to the action. Things like having music play while I clean & cook is a MUST, and Phillip usually smiles (I say usually, unless “the game” is on) seeing me dance around the kitchen and rap verses from Nicki Minaj or the Beach Boys.

This blog is dedicated to helping me to discover for myself and for others that success & happiness comes from our approach in doing things we enjoy.



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