We love spending Easter with our families! We’ve had relatively nice weather the past few years, and have made a day or weekend out of the holiday. However, although we enjoy time spent together no matter what we’re doing, it’s been tough to find games & activities for our family to do that aren’t kid-oriented.

I’m actually the youngest family member at age 25 (who attends Easter festivities, anyway), so over the years we’ve talked about doing some adult Easter activities that everyone would enjoy!



I cannot wait to see the pictures of us doing these this year…should be hilarious! I’ve listed a roundup below of Easter ideas for our family festivities:

Make a bacon cheese ball shaped like a baby chick!! Who doesn’t love cheese balls? I might call dibs on bringing this because it also seems super easy. Recipe here.







Glow-in-the-dark Easter Egg Hunt!! How COOL is this?? Although this idea probably came about with kids in mind, adults would have fun with it too!





Mimosas. There’s a chance I might always be looking for a chance to make mimosas. Get this delicious Starfruit Mimosa recipe from Have Yourself A Time. Or, you could make your own Mimosa Bar!







Finally, I’ve seen the idea to put mini liquor/wine bottles in Easter eggs for years, and this year might be the one we try it!





Let me know if you have any other ideas, we’re always looking for fun ways to make parties memorable!

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