It’s National Puppy Day today!! Although my furry friends aren’t puppies anymore…..they honestly get celebrated everyday. I’d like to share my dog adoption stories with you.





I adopted Izzy from the Indiana Humane Society when she was 6 months old, mainly to have a companion in my house that I was living alone in. A new neighborhood proved to be spooky to me sometimes, and having another noise-maker in the house gave me some peace-of-mind. She’s the first dog I’ve ever been able to call “mine” and she’s brought an unbelievable amount of smiles into my life.

CANT handle the cuteness!!!

Next, together, Phillip and I rescued Mason from the KY Humane Society. His original name was Bam Bam and neither of us could keep a straight face when calling him that LOL. They didn’t have any information on him and he was quite aggressive at first, but 6 months have passed and he’s loveable as ever!

I was never really a “dog person” until these two came into my life, but now I can’t imagine life without Mason & Izzy. So thankful for them.

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