It was a cold Saturday morning, and P and I had just eaten breakfast and were discussing dinner plans shortly after. Think about one of those days when you just want to cuddle under a blanket….and eat all the things. HA! That was us.

Anyway, one of the shows I binge watch is Chopped, and we always joke that it would be so fun & challenging to go on the show. If you haven’t seen it, check out the show here. Four chefs compete in 3 rounds of courses (appetizer, entrée & dessert) and a chef is eliminated each time. The challenge is, for each round, they are given a mystery box containing 4 random ingredients they must incorporate in some way.

BOOM: Idea. Let’s DIY this show tonight! Check out my free printable template here!

After a few more episodes (still hard to move away from warm blankets at this point) we put real human clothes on and ventured to the grocery store. We were on a mission! Each of us had $15.00 to spend (you can change your budget as needed, or raise it if you want to get extra-fancy!), and we had to each purchase ingredients for the other person to create the challenge. Ingredients had to include: 1 protein, 1 vegetable, and the other two were fair game. We are both very competitive, so I was worried he’d give me a serious challenge, but I appreciated his style on these choices!

My choices for him:
  1. Protein: 1 pack of short ribs
  2. Vegetable: Fresh carrots
  3. Extra: Crumbled feta cheese
  4. Extra: Chobani Greek Yogurt Dip
His choices for me:
  1. Protein: 1 tube of chorizo sausage
  2. Vegetable: Fresh asparagus
  3. Extra: Cheez-it Hot & Spicy (I’m thinking…he just wants the leftovers of these!)
  4. Extra: Private Selection brand Pumpkin Curry Sauce

We made our purchases and headed home (along with 2 bottles of Cabernet, just to get the creative juices flowing). We allowed each other 2 burners on the stove each, and full use of any other kitchen supplies. The final products were DELICIOUS! P chose to make short rib wraps with sautéed carrots and his own creation of a dipping sauce. I made chorizo meatballs (using the Cheez-its as bread crumbs to hold it together) with steamed asparagus.

It was such a great date night! Let me know if you get to try this sometime, or comment below if you already have!

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