FRIENDS – You have full permission to cut the dieting today and enjoy a rich, delicious brownie tonight!! It’s also National Pretend to be a Time Traveler day, so maybe watch the Time Traveler’s Wife for a chick-flick-and-chocolate kind of night!

In celebration of this holiday, I’d like to share my FAVORITE unique chocolate recipes with you!

FUDGY LEMON BROWNIES – Topping off the list, a mix of my favorite flavors all in one! Lemon, brownie texture & fudge…..yum! Is it bad that eating fruit-flavored desserts makes me feel healthier? LOL

RED VELVET BROWNIES – Still need a dish to bring to your holiday celebration? All months EXCEPT November & December, my family & friends shy away from dessert after get-togethers, but the holidays are the exception and you eat until you can’t eat anymore, right?

Side note: last week, I was in a group of 8 friends, and 3 had NO IDEA that red velvet was actually chocolate in disguise. Once told, they reacted like children finding out about Santa Claus.

FUNFETTI BROWNIES – Among my friends group, funfetti cake seems to be the MOST requested flavor (if you consider that a flavor!) for homemade birthday cakes. THIS GEM might have to be used for the next one!! Sugar overload….but oh so tasty.

SLUTTY BROWNIES – You read that right. Hopefully someone didn’t come to mind when you read the first word! Anyway, enjoy all the favorites of the best things to mix with chocolate in this recipe, like Oreos and chocolate chip cookies….HOLLA!

P.S. Wine will be the perfect beverage paring with any of these. Cheers!!

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