There’s plenty of room for 15 people to sit comfortably at old-yard-sale-tables-turned-to-dinner-tables in my home. However, this year was different in combining two sets of families/friends with the people now in my boyfriend’s life. But, oh, was it a blast and meticulous planning & focus on the budget allowed for PLENTY of compliments to make this party planner feel great!

On Pinterest, I found a great idea to use the brown Kraft paper as a table covering – I may be late to this idea but I’ll be using it again!! The day prior to the party, I spent time drawing a rectangular area at each place setting and set some markers & pens out in coffee mugs on the tables. All of the 25 guests to this party being in our twenties, it was nice to feel like a kid again.



In the planning stages, I also saw a neat Thanksgiving Mad Libs game & Scattergories game that I used as inspiration to create my own. The one thing I forgot to plan for – prizes for the winners! Bragging rights had to do.

The best part of the night was the food; every guest at this party contributed either a side dish, dessert or beverage and we paired it with our main dish, ham. Green Bean Casserole and Pretzel Beer Cheese Dip were the biggest hits of the evening!

All in all, it was a fantastic experience seeing our diverse group of friends and family mingle in our home. This event will surely be a reoccurrence!

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