I’ve always loved to write. In college, friends in other schools of study were envious of my program; as a second-year Advertising student, class assignments were always writing-based or short & semester-long projects in groups. I became excited about the written, individual assignments as it requires you to engage much more with the subject of study compared to standardized tests.

For me, there is a sense of calm that I achieve from making lists. Although I wish I was more diligent with the placement (I am that person who loses her glasses on her head, and locks her keys in her car at least twice a year.) and timing of list creation. When writing as a school assignment, I developed a method that I enjoyed: with focus on the required length, I would evaluate my topic from the small to the large side of its spectrum and do my best to cover each aspect in the detail it deserved. With these aspects came my outline for the paper as a whole, starting with main topics and leading into sub-topics. The outline then developed into full, cohesive thoughts and with some creative word embellishment the paper was done in a flash.

Writing has been a challenge that I crave, and with recent happenings in this life of mine, this may be the perfect escape. I’m eager to experience the crave again, and to explore my mind in a different way. As my mom would say, “Now, we’ll just have to wait and see.”


I’m hard on myself. I have known and been told this for years. Maybe its my subconscious reminding me that if I have an unwanted challenge to overcome, I am reminded of a time I’ve achieved a similar goal before. I expect superior outcomes from myself regardless of the pre-existing situation. I hope this blog will challenge me in ways that are achievable, and I’m able to control that. Seemingly, in a nutshell, I’ve hit a phase to which I’m a factor of many new situations and I put guilt on myself if perfection isn’t achieved. It is too easy to say this outside of one of these situations and realize where my faults are. Since it is November, I’m being a “basic b***h” and trying to recognize what I am most thankful for, as well as considering resolutions for the next year.

It’s all a work in progress, and will continue to be!!

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