It was a cold Saturday morning, and P and I had just eaten breakfast and were discussing dinner plans shortly after. Think about one of those days when you just want to cuddle under a blanket….and eat all the things. HA! That was us.

Anyway, one of the shows I binge watch is Chopped, and we always joke that it would be so fun & challenging to go on the show. If you haven’t seen it, check out the show here. Four chefs compete in 3 rounds of courses (appetizer, entrée & dessert) and a chef is eliminated each time. The challenge is, for each round, they are given a mystery box containing 4 random ingredients they must incorporate in some way.

BOOM: Idea. Let’s DIY this show tonight! Check out my free printable template here! Read more


Oh, I love a good bowl of buttery popcorn. My boyfriend and I have become interested in collecting all the flavors of popcorn shakers from the grocery store, and OH does the bacon cheddar flavor shaker NOT disappoint. My roommates in college use to make popcorn with M&Ms at least once a week and were shocked I hadn’t heard of this!! I love mixing salty & sweet, so I can satisfy both of those cravings!! These recipes are perfect for those days where you want both! Read more